Shanghai Agriculture Research Center

Designed in collaboration with Tongji Design Institute Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Status: Invited Competition entry

Year: 2015

Awards: Second Prize

Collaborators :


Ma Tiandong

Dani Leiva

Marta López

Laura Carreño

María Dolores Viega

Jesús Cabezón

Liang Cheng

José Carlos


Emerging from the Chinese vernacular way of space-colonization, the project proposes a village-like urban layout. Semi independent units get combined in a distorted chessboard grid, in order to generate a sequence of linked public spaces. The units are able to be combined or to work independently, responding to the ever changing Shanghai Office-space market. 

A series of simple geometrical movements turns a basic iconic house volume into a complex shape, able to be combined in multiple manner.

The usually required axis is integrated in the grid by turning some of the unit into semi-open pergolas.