Dushan City of Knowledge

Location: Dushan, Guizhou, China

Status:Under Construction.

Year: 2012-today


First Prize (competition),

Developer: Regional Government

Collaborators :

Fran León

Dani Leiva

Ana Gómez

Gonzalo Mendoza

Karolina Petz

Alexander Juretzka

Luis Gómez

The work was carried out by the association in partnership with West Line’s local office. The design of the new growth of the city of Dushan, with an extension of 600 hectares, will focus on the needs of the proposed university. Four colleges will be constructed in the new “City of knowledge” where around 50.000 students will be taught over an area of 240 hectares. The new extension area of the Dushan municipality considers the construction of housing, commercial spaces and office buildings, which will be mixed together in order to generate a diverse urban fabric. This blend will promote self-sufficiency in each new area of the city.
The main characteristic of the Master Plan is to join the parts of new urban fabric through green belts areas to guarantee the continuity and connection of the open spaces. This will allow people to walk the city in its whole extension through pedestrian open areas. This will allow the extension of the new city to be reached through pedestrian friendly green spaces. In this way universal accessibility will be ensured in the new part of the city. These green axes, equipped with small community service buildings, also serve to connect the different areas within the plan. At the same time, a linear park runs along the railway track connecting the new town with the old Dushan city centre