2015_2nd Prize_ Restricted Competition. Agriculture Research Center. Shanghai, China

2015_ Selected for Exhibition in a Public Space. Seville. Rehabilitation of a Public School in Seville.

2014_ 4th Position_ Restricted competition. Beitang Riverside. Hangzhou, China

2013_Special Mention Félix Hernández Prize. Built Works. Baena Day Care Center.

2013_ Selected. BEAU XII Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Social Integration Urban Furniture

2012_First Prize. Unpleasant Design Competition. Social Integration Furniture,

2012_First Prize. Masterplan for Dushan City of Knowledge. Guiyang, China.

2012_Third Prize. Competition for a Public School in Konstanz, Germany.

2012_ Third Prize and Special Mention. International Competition For Juana Laínez Park. Tegucigalpa, Honduras. with F. Gómez

2011_ Visual Innovation Prize. Local Government. Documentary: Chinese Contemporary City.

2011_ Second Prize_ Mediterranean Landscape Prize. European Union. Built works. Guadaira Riverside Park. Category: Built works.

2009_ First Prize_ Competition to curate an exhibition on Chinese Urbanism

2008_ First Prize. Competition for the Rehabilitation of a Public School in Seville.

2008_First Prize. Competition for a Day-Care Center in Baena, Córdoba. with F. Gómez

2006_Third Prize_ Competition for a Central Park in Vinaroz, Valencia, Spain. with F. Gómez

2006_ First Prize_ Competition. Guadaira Riverside Park with F. Gómez

2006_ Dragados Prize_ Javier Caro Domínguez. Best Final Project. Sustainable School in Cádiz.

2005_Selected_ Marta Barrera, Javier Caro and Miguel Gentil. Exhibition of the best Final Projects in Seville Architecture School. Ischia. Italy