Resilient roof

Together with Isabel Gómez García (architect) and Javier Serrano Fajardo (architect)

Location: Madrid, Spain

Status: Competition. Twice shortlisted.

Year: 2017

Developer: Kommerling


The proposal was clearly inspired by the tradition of industrial construction technique, from which it takes the idea of seriation, standardization and versatility. Also resembling the zigzagging roofs of the old factories and its powerful geometry was a clear influence. But it also brings back the notion of space that the classical administrative building proposed in the 50´s, with its open layouts, its dis-hierarchization and its isotropic program conception. These historical references were overlapped with the idea of the society of information and the new administrative typologies it has created, proposing new socialization areas, flexible horizontal work organizations and a certain indetermination of use towards a new form of versatility.

Resilient is, thus, proposing a building that is putting behind the paradigm of the modern movement to finally embrace the challenge of sustainability. Shapes respond to solar angles, specific for each latitude, so, as Glenn Murcutt would say, architecture and shape emerge as something completely anchored in its context. A reactive roof turns so into the most significant façade of the building.